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Is it possible to work with the dev ST4?


I am a paying customer. If the advances in ST4 are a significant step beyond ST3 (which I love, and which I recommend to anyone who will listen:, I would like to work with it. Would that be possible?



Builds of Sublime Text 4 (really just Sublime Text; the version number is going away in the name) are currently available in the Sublime Discord channel. They’re not being made widely publicly available at the current time until the state gets closer to a release candidate.

If you want to use it you can join the Discord and get the download link from there; as a dev build you require a license to run it though (which in your case is not an issue). Additionally if you have any questions regarding using it, the discord is the place to ask them as well, with the exception of bug reports that still go to the tracker.


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OdatNurd, Your response is (as always) excellent. However, it does raise 2 questions for every license holder.

  1. Will a pre-pelease download appear (again, last pr many versions ago) on regular ST download page?
  2. Would Download page pre-lease link include download link and release info link?


Currently the new builds are being released only via links shared in the Discord so that power users of Sublime can help them iron out all of the issues that come as a result of all of the myriad changes before it reaches a wider audience.

I would imagine that once things reach a level of stability that they’re happy with, links will indeed appear on the regular download page as has traditionally been the case up to now.


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Hello All,
I am a paying customer (since back in the st2 days) and would like to check out st4. Unfortunately, the discord server is not accepting new invites. Is this on purpose?



The link in the pinned forum topic works for me; maybe there was a temporary problem of some sort?

It should definitely work if it doesn’t, that not on purpose.