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File Open -> no field to paste the path


Hi All,

When File Open, where is no a field to paste a path to the file, only a browse option is available.

Is this normal? Should I each time to browse to the file location without an option to paste the file path?

Attached please find a screenshot of the File Open pop up window.

Thank you!



This is normal (but if the internet has anything to say about it, for many highly annoying) behaviour for GTK 3 file dialog boxes.

You can press Ctrl+L to swap the browse bar for a text input (this is a GTK thing and not a Sublime thing).

Depending on the distribution you’re using, there may be a setting that you can tweak somewhere to get the old GTK 2 behaviour back as well.

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Create a functional file open dialog

One more reason why I don’t like gtk.
But that’s irrelevant. Not being able to paste a path is the single most annoying feature of sublime.
I am sure the sublime devs are more than capable of finding a solution.



In the gtk dialog you can just paste and it will paste into the path. This did have a bug which has since been fixed for Sublime Text 4:



Is Sublime Text 4 ready?



See Is it possible to work with the dev ST4?



will wait for a while :slight_smile: