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Is it possible to show more context or the full file?


I’ve been trying to find if it is possible to show the full file, or at least change how many lines are shown around a change. Anyone know if that is possible?



You can expand the context area around a change by dragging the borders of it up and down to give yourself more context around the diff.

The second slide on (labeled “Review Better”) shows this in action.



Thanks, that helps. I was hoping there there was a way to do it for the whole file. Its kind of a pain, if there are a lot of changes in a file.



Well it’s a little late but I found that if you mouseover the top or bottom edge as if to drag the edge you can just double click on it and the code will unfold a few lines. Double click repeatedly until the file is fully expanded – it’s easier than click and dragging anyway!

Maybe if a triple click or shift double click could fully expand the file as a shortcut. In any case, I think this feature works great.



In build 2028 a new button was added that does this in one click, though it’s only visible while your mouse is hovered over the diff area: