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Is it possible to have nested symbols (symbols INSIDE symbols)?


For example, I have a lot of markdown files in a folder. All the headings are treated as (indexed) symbols, which is very convenient for navigating by ‘go to symbol in project’

Now I modified my .md syntax to add support for tags (e.g. @tag1 @tag2) and modifed my tmPreferences files accordingly, so that I can navigate not only by heading, but also by tags.

So far so good, but sometimes I want to put the tags inside the headings, as in

Now as you can see, I was able to get the tags inside the headings assigned the right scope and hence properly highlighted, so that when I place cursor in a tag-inside-a-heading and press the shortcut for “inspect scope”, I do get the correct scope.

But there’s a problem. Although tags placed outside of headings are correctly indexed, those placed inside headings are not, apparently because the headings themselves also happen to be symbols. If I strip the headings of symbol status, those very same tags get indexed again.

So my question is, when two scopes, S1 and S2, are both defined to be indexed symbols via tmPreferences file, is it possible to configure sublime so that those tokens of S2 which occur INSIDE S1 also get indexed?