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Is it possible to filter the "Open files" tab


Hey guys,

Purchased Sublime Text 2 last year and haven’t looked back since, LOVE IT!

One thing that is slightly annoying though is that I use the Open Files tab in the Sidebar, as I work with lots of files and this is the best way to go through them (top tabs are not good for lots of files) and when I have 10 php files open, 5 JS files open and 5 CSS files open, I sometimes spend a bit of time looking for specific files, so I wish I could do one of the following:

Option A: In the Open Files list, put them in order of file extension (or have a tree like structure, so PHP -> list of all open files, JS -> List of open files, etc, so I can quickly find a JS file when looking through loads of open files.

Option B: Color the file names depending on extension, so CSS files are red, php files are blue, JS are green, or something like that, so again I can quickly find a particular file quicker

Opciton C: A input at the top of the open files where I can start typing letters and all the files with those letters are filtered and shown

Is anything like this or similar possible?

Thanks guys



@capcapcap: pressing ctrl+p (go to anything) doesn’t help you?



Did not know that one, that is perfect! thanks very much! :smiley:



Look at

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I do also like that one :slight_smile: