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Is it possible to disable Scrollbar especially in Distraction Free mode?


HI, I’m a newbie Sublime user, so don’t be harsh if I don’t know something. I’m willing to learn and get my hands dirty.

My question, as the title suggests, is - Is there a way to disable the Scrollbar completely? I’ve read some older posts but none of them managed to solve the issue for me.

If I understood correctly, that somehow depends on the colorscheme. That seems odd, but I guess I don’t know how Sublime works.

Anyway, I’m using Windows 10 64bit version. Colorscheme I use is “Mariana” and it’s on Dark theme.

Also is there a way to disable Menu Bar while in Distraction Free mode? I’ve only managed to do it manually. View > Hide Menu Bar. But I guess there is a automatic way that I don’t know of.
Also it would be nice to disable these two arrows that preceed the first tab. And it would be ideal if I could add Border Width between the text buffer and tab at the top and left and right margin on the sides.That would be a dream.

Maybe I’m asking too much.

Anyway, I’m really eager to learn and I am patient. But I would like to know if these things are possible to achieve in the first place?



You can enable overlay scrollbars to hide the scroll bar when not in use using the "overlay_scroll_bars" setting.



Yeah, I’ve seen that. My bad for not mentioning it in the post. But I want it to be completely removed. Not just when the view is static.



It’s a function of the Theme, not the color scheme (although older color scheme files inherited from TextMate have the confusing extension of tmTheme, which bites people a lot).

The Theme itself (for you the Default Dark theme I guess?) contains the theme rules that cover things like the size and look of the scrollbars and other visual aspects. Among that would be the options for border width between the text buffer and the tab at the top and the margins (presumably; having no design sense I do not mess with themeing generally). The documentation for themes and how they work is at:

The arrows for tab scrolling are easier to get rid of; there’s a setting for it:

	// Hides the buttons for scrolling tabs left/right, requiring use of a
	// trackpad or mouse scroll wheel
	"hide_tab_scrolling_buttons": false,