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Is it possible to build a mobile application in Sublime Text 3?


Hey, I’m looking to develop a mobile application using Sublime Text 3, and I was wondering if it is possible to do so?

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You can write the code of whatever you want with ST3, but in order to build and finalize your work, you’ll need a compiler, or a IDE, such as Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse.

Sublime Text 3 is, basically, a text editor aimed at programming.

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Most larger scale ides do a lot of work for you. You can do it in Sublime Text, and I personally prefer writing most languages in a simple text editor because of how much junk / bloat is added…

For instance, DreamWeaver and Word can create .html pages, however if you write a 2KB file raw using Sublime Text or other plain editor, you will end up with a 2KB html file which is XHTML Compliant if you wrote it that way… You will NEVER get a compliant file with DreamWeaver or Word - at least, that has been my experience - and the file will be 100KB to 1MB.

In some cases, having some of the work done for you is ok, such as setting up the primary file, setting up repetitive tasks such as resource mapping, etc… But, there may be a plugin for that in Sublime Text.

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