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Is Corrected Stack Overflow post now Correct?


In this answer in Stack Overflow it says that it’s impossible to edit the recent files list.
However this answer and my following actions doing exactly as the Forum Post suggests prove that it indeed can be done. Thus I’ve posted an answer on SO, as the current comments are wrong.

If anyone feels like posting a comment or answer for Windows and other versions of ST, or just checking I haven’t got anything wrong, that’d be great. Hopefully a quick one, it’ll take someone a minute just to read through my post maybe…

Cheers folks :beers:


Ps I wish there was a purple rabbit emoji



No, that hasn’t changed. Presumably the answer saying that it can’t be done is saying so because there is no in-Sublime way to do it and you need to resort to manually editing the session file while Sublime isn’t running.

The same thing works across all platforms; use Preferences: Browse Packages to open the Packages folder in your OS’s file manager. From there, go up one folder level and there will be a folder named Local ; the session is inside of that folder, and always has the same name regardless of the OS.

This allows you to always find the appropriate location regardless of the OS, install location or install type (for example on Windows it will work even if you install a Portable version).