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Is color difference an indication of an error?


I am new in all to writing codes but I seriously need help. So I am learning and I am following a youtube tutorial for this purpose. As I was following along and writing exactly what the person is saying, everything was working perfect as his own and the coloring in the codes wee same until I got to a point where he what he wrote was pinkish and when I wrote the same thing it was white and the rest were similar in color as his. Now, I ignored and said to my self the coloring is just a visual thing to wont affect my code but when it came time to try if the code was working… his own was working and mine wont work… so my question is, does color difference indicate an error somewhere?
if not, why is data not being registered to my database when I followed everything. Please help!!

seyi is my database name and even if I create a database with the same name it wont enter the date




The color doesn’t necessarily mean an error.

He Could have changed his color scheme so it might be different from yours (which you can do, there are zillions of different colour schemes available for ST2/3/4 and they’re all customisable too).

However if you are both using the same unaltered colour scheme, then a different colour indicates that (eg) dbName in green is different to dbName in white.

I don’t know anything about php, but if I had to guess, maybe his db objects are in green because they’ve been defined somewhere else, where as yours haven’t been defined yet ?

Perhaps wiser minds than mine will be able to help out…



Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate you taking your time to help me out. I am confused coz all the other files are just okay and everything works upto when the color changed… i will conside your suggestion and check right away



Are the colors the error or is there an actually error log?