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Intermittent high CPU usage


I’m not sure if this is the best place to log this, but I’ve been experiencing high CPU usage with Sublime Merge at work on my Windows 7 VM.

It spikes to 96-98% and uses over 100,000K of memory at seemingly random times for a minute or two, then it’ll drop back down to 0% and under 57,000K.

I’m on Sublime Merge Stable Channel, Build 2027.



Hi @chrismay,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

  • Could you confirm whether you have any antivirus applications installed?
  • Are you performing any operations when you see this spike, or is this when Sublime Merge is idling?
  • Did you experience this issue on previous versions of Sublime Merge?

- Dylan



My suspicion is it’s this issue:

@chrismay are you using the aero theme on Windows 7?



Some answers to your questions:

  • I do not believe I have experienced this issue before this version.
  • I do not have an antivirus client installed

So far, I haven’t figured out the patterns, however, this is when I notice the spikes:

  • Trying to change branches, with two files conflicting, getting the message that I need to stash changes. It spikes for roughly one minute.
  • I minimized SM, worked on another program, and clicked on the minimized taskbar icon. It spiked the CPU usage and didn’t respond for roughly a minute to two minutes.

The aero theme is a good question, and I’m a little off of my Windows terminology. :slight_smile: If the aero theme has a circular start menu, then yes, it’s using the aero theme.



Update: I added "win32_vsync_enabled": false, to the Sublime Merge preferences, restarted SM, and the spikes continued.

The most recent spike happened when I attempted to pull latest from origin.