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Interface license


What license has a Sublime Text interface? I would create a course on it, but I cannot do it if it is not licensed free, like Creative Commons. The fact that the whole project has a copyright mark doesn’t say anything. Copyright is just part of a license agreement.



You want to use screenshots (or videos) of Sublime Text in your course documents?

I’d say as long as its origin keeps visible and your documents don’t sell it as your invention, everyone appriciates Subilme Text being your platform of choise to create your course documents.



Well, I dont think, this is enought for Wikipedia. As Wikipedia strictly follow the rights, it should be somewhere explicitaly said or copyright holder have to wave each screenshot I am using. Thats why I am asking if all Sublime Text is copyrighted. For example drawio is also copyrighted, but is GUI is under free license, so one can share screenshots on Wikipedia or create courses on it at its siter project Wikiversity.



Considering Wikipedia currently has screenshots of Sublime Text I don’t think we need to do anything.