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Interactivity: run Python, Node.js, Java, Perl, PHP, bash, or any other REPLs


Hi there!
I created the Interactivity package because I really missed the math and scripting functionality in Sublime Text and thought others might benefit from it too!

The package lets you run local shell commands and scripts directly within your Sublime Text editor, providing the output alongside your written content. Use your favorite tools like Python, Node.js, Java, Perl, PHP, bash, or any other REPLs.

For example, if you need to quickly calculate a project’s budget while taking notes, you can type the numbers and hit Enter in the editor to execute the code in the desired REPL:

## Mike's rate is $120. Thus, it will cost us:


Python Modules Collection:
My favorite daily tool is Python, which is why I included several sample Python modules in this plugin.

  • Integrates ChatGPT directly into your notes.
  • Imports Excel and CSV tables into your notes.

You can easily extend this functionality with any code you need.

Here’s a demo of how they work with the plugin:

Check out the GitHub repository for detailed instructions, examples, and source code.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to open issues on GitHub or discuss on this thread.