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Interaction between wrap_width_style and draw_centered


For writing, like Markdown, I want to set a wrap width limit, when there’s extra width distribute it equally on either side, and when there’s less width wrap within what’s available.

I use these settings:

    "wrap_width": 80,
    "wrap_width_style": "min",
    "draw_centered": true,

This mostly works, except that it’s the content’s width, not the content area’s width as determined by wrap width rules, that gets centered. For example, if the file’s contents are only one word, then that word is drawn in the horizontal center of the screen, while I’d want it drawn in the same place it would be if the line were 80 characters long. The way it is now makes for a pretty bad typing experience until you have a line that’s 80+ characters long and keeping everything from shifting around.

Unless I’m missing a way to fix this, I’d like to request that draw_centered be reinterpreted to center the content area, not the content within it, or alternatively that a setting be added to accomplish this.



There’s already a feature/enhancement request open for it at:

A draw_centered related issue which is about rendering wideth of newlines/backgrounds is at

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