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Intellisense for external DLLs



I have some DLLs that I usually add to VS Studio to have the intellisense. I would like to do the same in Sublime. I am new to Sublime even if I heard about it for years. I got a new PC and wanted to seriously give it a try.




Sublime Text supports plugins written in python.

So the answer is rather, no. You can’t use them in Sublime Text.

An endpoint to provide completions is available. The logic behind however is fully within responsibility of a plugin. You could use something like ctypes to try to access funcitonality of compiled libraries, but I doupt Visual Studio plugins are designed to work standalone without some access to VS base functionalites.

Real IntelliSense is provided by language-servers these days, which are also available for VS Code. LSP package provides a client implementation. Servers are mainly provided by helper packages such as LSP-clangd.

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