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Give me a way to switch between different instances of the workspace.

I use Sublime Text for both development stuff and casual text editing (writing). The thing is, I do not use the sidebar, don’t have the same folder for my text files that I edit and, every time I do some development stuff, I have to close all the tabs (that are always relevant!) that are not related to the development project.

Workaround that sucks:
The ugly way of doing it for now, is to minimize the window with all my texts and create a new window for my development project. It’s kinda not the way to go.

I want to have one ST window opened, where I have either the “development instance”, or “text writing instance”. And switch between them with hotkeys or through the palette.

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Sounds like you want to use projects and just hide the sidebar - then you can switch between workspaces with a keybinding etc. In terms of not having files all in the same folder, thats fine, its still possible to work within a project workspace and have it remember open files, recent files etc.

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How do I make it remember 10 tabs and open them all at once? And then the same with development project tabs?

Edit: when I use ST, I do not use sidebar at all. So, it’s not like I load my project’s folder, I just open specific files that I need to work with.

Edit2: the sidebar is hidden.

Edit3: another ugly workaround for me right now is to split vertically, but I have problems with focusing, that’s not really what I want and “instances” would be much better.



A Project will restore all files opened in that project, plus undo buffers, history, everything. It’s a snapshot of the current state of the project. To use this feature, open the Project menu, select Add Folder to Project and in the file dialog, select the folder where the files you want to be tracked in the project are located. Then select Save Project As from the Project menu and give the project a name. Do the same for any other projects you want.

In the future you can use the Open Project, or Open Recent or Quick Switch Project menu options in the Project menu to switch between your writing and development projects. The project should also retain the state of the Sidebar, so you won’t have to close it every time you open a project.

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One sublime-project can have any number of sublime-workspace files associated with it, but you can also just create sublime-workspace files without an associated sublime-project file as well. Both projects and workspaces show up in the Quick Switch Project panel for you to easily swap between.

You can utilize this if you have some set of files that you commonly work with that you want to recall without requiring the extra abilities that Projects give you (like per-project settings, per-project build systems, or control of what files appear in the sidebar when you open folder).

The following video discusses the feature in general; the link will take you directly to the part that talks about just saving and restoring workspaces. Note also that in the video this is done by adding a folder to the window, but the same will also work even if you have no folders, or the side bar isn’t open, etc.



This looks like exactly what I want! However, I can’t figure out how to save/load my workspace: I tried saving the project and now I get an error that says “Unable to read project” every time I run ST.

I’ll try to figure out

Edit: OK, thanks guys, it solved my problem. Not as intuitive as I want it to be, but it works.