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Installed new dictionary, it's clearly wrong


I just managed to download, install, and apply a Canadian English dictionary. It was a bit complicated for me, as I find Sublime’s whole “package” model completely baffling. Still, I did it.

I got the dictionary file from here.

However, when I applied the Canadian dictionary, it’s marking all sorts of words as misspelled when they obviously aren’t. For example, it marks the word “makes” as incorrect, and suggests “make s” as a possible correction:

This is clearly wrong and insane.

Did I get the wrong dictionary file? Did I install it wrong? Why is my Canadian English dictionary so horribly wrong and weird?



How do you apply the dict?

That dict looks quite old but shouldn’t related to your issue.

You can download the latest (2019.10.06) on if you are not using that plugin. And then use it in your settings

"dictionary": "wherever you put the en_CA-large.dic",


Thank you for responding.

The previous dictionary file I simply placed in C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages, and then it seemed to be available.

I downloaded your file, and replaced the one I had, but now it’s very odd. The dictionary does not seem to distinguish between American or Canadian or British spelling.



Maybe the “large” dict is too loose. Try the normal one. It works on my side with your examples.




Thanks! That version seems to have the correct Canadian spellings. Everything looks like it’s working now.

I guess the first one I had was just a bad file or something.



In case someone has a similar issues and comes across this thread. I suspect the original issue was that you’ve missed the en_CA-large.aff file. The *.dic contains the base words, and the *.aff instructions how to transform words to their different grammar versions.

I’ve recently had the same issue with Polish and it turns up I’ve only copied the *.dic and not the *.aff. I suspect this comes from a bit unclear instructions in the docs – the page only mentions a *.dic file.

Sidenote – I’d prefer sublime to lean on the OS spelling service (for the OSes that support it). The Open Office dict for Polish is dated (from 2008). Grated languages don’t evolve fast, but they do change and there’s already a good dictionary built-in to the OS.