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Install Sublimeclang on ST3 (windows)


I’d like to record here

1.Download sublimeclang git to the packages folder of ST3

2.Download the SublimeClang-1.0.41.sublime-package
rename it to, extract the libclang.dll and libcache.dll or x64 version for 64bit system.

3.Copy the dll files into “SublimeClang\internals”

4.Fix some issue according Sublime Clang ST3 Error
just replaced the lines 161-2 in internals/ with this:

if project_path:
    project_path = project_path.replace("\\", "\\\\") # Path will be used within a regex, thus escape every backslash
    value = re.sub(r'\${project_path}', project_path, value)
  1. configure the sublimeclang settings for your project and go on hacking :astonished:

Sublime Text 3 SublimeClang cygwin mingw 64bit

Step 4. has been commited to the SublimeClang master GitHub repo, so no need to separately fix that.




does the instruction apply for mac as well, please help for the mac version. i really like clang in sublime.

i did all that in the folders but still does not work.

and basically i did not get the following “configure the sublimeclang settings for your project”, what do i need to configure.



The download link provided is incorrect