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Install package not working


when i open the package control and input install package,
the consoles log tell me 'Package Control: Error downloading channel. HTTP error 404 downloading' but i can download from the url: i open the channel_v3.json,but its not a json string…
i have no idea.



looks like the website is broken atm

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Package Control won't install

This is supremely annoying, is there a way to get in touch with to request assistance? I looked them up on whois but not sure the registered email addresses there are the correct communication avenue.

I need this software to be working so I can make some critical updates!

EDIT: some investigation presents this github issue on progress resolving the issue:



See also the post currently pinned at the top of the forum:



The Best Solution I’ve found is – you can add
“channels”: [ “” ],
to Preferences > Package Settings > Package Control > Settings - User file.

This is the latest snapshot of the original JSON file from
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Issue should be resolved now (, notably, do remove the channels additions if you made them, so you’re working with the latest JSON file!

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