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Inline errors do not show


I got a new system with a fresh Windows 10 install yesterday and slowly getting back to my normal workflow. However, I noticed after compiling my project, that the inline errors are not showing. The setting is enabled:

// Shows build errors just under the line on which they occur.
"show_errors_inline": true,

// Preview file contents when clicking on a file in the side bar. Double
// clicking or editing the preview will open the file and assign it a tab.
"preview_on_click": true,

It is important to note that this worked before reinstalling. I also believe that not being able to click on errors in the output console is directly connected to this, because I can’t do that anymore either.



The inline errors are a visualization of the captured error data from the panel, and if those don’t work either the likely culprit is that the sublime-build that you’re running doesn’t have a file_regex and/or line_regex in it that matches the errors that the tool the build is running in generating.

As such you might want to check that you’re using the build system that you expect or check if it needs to be modified in some way. That might require the installation of a package that you used to use and now don’t, or it might have been an edit that you made previously that you need to make again.



Thank you for your help. The package that I’m using is the same as I was using before and its build file has a file_regex property:

"file_regex": "(.*?)\\\\(([0-9]*)[- 0-9]*\\\\)",

If I run this regex in an online tester along with my error lines, they should match, right?



I managed to get it working. The file had four extra backward slashes. The end result is now:

"file_regex": "(.*?)\\(([0-9]*)[- 0-9]*\\)",

And this works perfectly. Thanks again for the help, you pointing it out led to me solving it. Thank you very much.

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Hi, I think I have a similar problem in ubuntu 18.10, here’s my current file_regex:

"file_regex": "^ ]*File \"(...*?)\", line ([0-9]*)",

I don’t know much about regex so if anyone knows what I should replace it with that would be great!



In order to help, we also need to see an example of the errors that you’re trying to match.