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Inline error highlighting stopped working


By default, I used to get squiggly lines appearing beneath my js errors (eg trying to call a function name that does not exist would immediately highlight the error). However, this appear to have stopped working for some reason. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling sublime 3, but no joy. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



Sublime doesn’t have native behaviour for outlining code errors like this, so if you have that sort of action then you have likely installed a third party package that provides that sort of thing, such as SublimeLinter (though there may be others as well).

It may be worth double checking your list of installed packages to see which one is doing this; perhaps it has been added to the list of ignored packages (or you recently removed something that did it). Most packages that do this sort of thing leverage external tools to do the work of finding the issues, so it could be that an external tool was updated or removed as well.



In my case, I can tell you it’s TypeScript that has suddenly stopped properly underlining – and while I’m not sure, I think it was mid-session. (I had a number of software updates fire at me, so it’s possible I restarted Sublime without remembering I did so)

@nuke22 we might get more help at typescript support, if you’re using it as well.


Thank you @OdatNurd – knowing it was likely a plugin issue helped me go straight to the typescript plugin, where I found this, and it’s solution:

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