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Initial Sublime Font?


This may be a stupid question, but I am weak on the subject.

When I installed Sublime, it had a nice, right sized monospace font that was a pleasure to type with.

But I seem to have pressed a wrong button and increased the size of the font.big time. I tried to decrease it using “smaller”, but for some reason it did not work, so I used the “Choose” option to return the old. I tried all the
all the ones offered via Windows, but none is the initial font.

How does Sublime set its initial font–does it have some default?

One of the nice aspects was the space between rows–now no matter what
font I choose, the space is too small and it bugs me…




just wondering what “Choose” is.
another question would be: Sublime Text or Sublime Merge?



Thank u for responding.

Sublime Text.

When you go to Preferences there are 3 options:
-enlarge size
-decrease size

The Choose option serves you the Windows fonts offerings from which you can choose a font and size.

As I explained, I tried all those fonts but none is like the initial one after I installed Sublime.

I am trying to find out what Sublime uses by default after install so that I can recover that default.



You may open the Preferences file (Preferences → Settings) and delete/comment out the “font_face” option on the right side. This should revert the default.



I have a feeling that you somehow set/changed font_face in ST settings.



That did it, thanks.

But I still dk can’t figure out what is this font.



I have no idea what I did – all of a sudden I saw this huge font.



Open the command palette and choose View Package File ; enter Default/ pref set as the filter, and choose one of the three files with a platform in their name (either Linux, OSX or WIndows).

The file that opens shows you the default settings specific to that platform, two of which are the default font_face and font_size options.