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Indexing folders/files not in project


So I’m programming C and I’m missing a way to quickly look at function prototypes in C headers. I want to only index my C include directory for the “show definitions” option. Is there a way to do that? I read about the .sublime-workspace / .sublime-project files but didn’t really understand if and how this would solve my problem. I would be thankful for any solutions or redirection to another topic where a similar question is already answered (haven’t found one tho).



For anyone running into the same problem:
One can bypass the lack of a feature, which would allow setting indexing paths by oneself, by creating a system linked folder (in the open project/folder) to the desired path.
For me it was to create a system linked folder to my C /include path in my workspace folder. Now I can hover over functions, structs, etc… and know where and how they are defined (header files).