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Indentation changes on every morning when I wake up in sublime text


While I fix the indentation every morning, but when I wake up the next morning the indentation rolls back to “4” instead of “2”. What is the fix?



One potential reason for this is the following setting, which defaults to being turned on:

	// Set to false to disable detection of tabs vs. spaces on load
	"detect_indentation": true,

When it’s on, every time you open a file Sublime will attempt to guess the tab size and indent style and reset the setting for that particular file.

Apart from this, it’s also possible to have syntax specific settings that apply to only certain file types. In case this occurs just for certain types of files, opening one and choosing Preferences > Settings - Syntax Specific would let you see what settings are set for that particular type of file (if any).



Thank you for everything you helped a lot to successfully move from atom to sublime and now I am comfortable.