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Increasing font size not working with Natural Syntax


Version 3.2.2 build 3211

When I´m using SQL syntax I can change the font size normally ( ctrl+ and ctrl- ).
But when I use Natural syntax ( the language for ADABAS Mainframe DB ) this doesn’t work.

I searched in preferences, key bindings and documentation.

It’s not a huge problem but would be nice if it could be treated.



This sounds like you might have syntax specific settings for that type of file.

To check, open a file of that type and then choose Preferences > Settings - Syntax Specific. Any settings that appear in the right hand pane of the window that appears will be applied after the ones from the general preferences, which would block those keys from having an effect.



Resolved. Great!

In my Syntax Settings I had this attribute:

“font_size”: 11

I didn’t know that this setting would halt changing the font size.

I just commented it.

I tought that would be something related to “increase_font_size” setting.