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Include stable builds in dev channel (Linux)


Should the dev channel include stable builds on Linux distros?

My package manager configuration uses the dev channel currently. This means, as of this date, I get build 3210 (24 September 2019). But build 3211 (stable) was released a few days later with some fixes.

What if what I want is always the latest version, not caring if it’s a dev/stable build?



You can add both source lists. That’s what I did on my Ubuntu VM.



Ah cool, didn’t think of this option yet, thanks a lot @jfcherng !

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Well, at least on Arch Linux, I don’t know if this is possible.

If I have this in pacman.conf, for example:

Server =
Server =

then with

$ sudo pacman -Syyl sublime-text

I get

sublime-text sublime-text 3210-1

If I reverse the two Server lines above and run the same command, I get

sublime-text sublime-text 3211-1

I don’t see why someone who wants dev builds wouldn’t want stable builds? I understand that a non-paying user wants only stable builds, but IMO a paying user who wants dev builds also wants stable builds as it seems like a given stable build can have changes since the last dev build.



Generally there are no changes though