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In-progress edit lost when rewording commit & changing tabs


When I’m rewording a commit (via the Edit Commit Message command), sometimes I’m partway through explaining something and I want to quickly check one of my changed files. When I click on the tab for that file (which will be one of the tabs to the right of the Summary tab that I’m editing my message in), and then click back to Summary, all my edits are gone.

This can be very frustrating if I’ve just spent a bunch of time on my commit message (I try to follow and have good commit messages).

I try to remember to copy my commit message over to Sublime Text before making my edits, but I forget often enough that it’s still annoying.



Please create a bug report for this in the official issue tracker:

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I’ve added

Sorry for posting in the wrong place.



Not a problem, apologies for being a bit too blunt. These forums are a good place to start as we can show how it works (in case of misunderstanding), confirm the behavior you see, or link an existing bug.