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Improvement: Use fixed folder for project & workspace files


I find storing new project files a mess - some project files are located in the project folders, but then I always have to add them to the .gitignore file, as not everyone else in the project needs my ST project files. Sometimes I store them in a specific folder just created for this purpose, so I have a proper place to look for them, but this folder doesn’t automatically open when I want to open another project (file).
So I really wonder why there is no (default) option to store all the project and workspace files in one static folder below the ST3 config files (e.g. ~/.config/sublime-text-3/projects).

I guess this wouldn’t be too hard to implement as a start (and this feature could be enhanced from then on with more project management features, as then there would be one defined storage place), and it would probably help clean up a lot of other dev’s project file location messes



@RBloeth you might be interested in a plug-in for Sublime Text: sesame

it allows you to use a common folder for sublime projects.

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Sounds good, thank you! Although of course in the long run I would appreciate this feature to be built into ST3…



I just gave sesame a try and realized that it doesn’t do what I meant. When I save a project file, I want the “project files directory” to be opened by default. It’s basically just a “show all project files that are located in one defined folder” function, which also is usually not needed by me, as I only use the quick switch project function from ST3, which already more or less does the same thing, namely showing me my project files.



Maybe i don’t understand what you mean. You want to store all project or workspace files in a single location. Is this one folder per user or one folder per project?

The plug-in allows you to Add, open, remove, and switch, projects or folders, using the Command Palette and Key Bindings. Things are similar but different to ST3 native behaviour, features are offered as an alternative. To better integrate the plug-in you could use the same key bindings you used to for ST3, but with the features this plug-in has to offer.

Too much time has passed since i last used this plug-in. I am no longer aware of how it works in detail so i cannot definitely say whether this is the right solution for you or not.

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My wish is:

I would love not having to think of where to store (and re-open) my project files. I want to use the save project dialog without having to care about where to save it. So - to me at least - it would make my work a bit easier if - per default - the *.sublime- files would be stored somewhere beneath the ST3 config folder. ST3 could even suggest the name of the folder the current (to-be-saved-) project resides in as file name. I guess it would make sense to have this as a one folder per user setting.


I start a new project, so I create a new folder, say ~/Development/vue/world-domination, then I cd into that folder, and then - in ST3 - I add this folder to the project (I have closed the project that might have been open before) and then I choose save project and ST3 opens the save dialog in the default folder, say ~/.config/sublime-text-3/projects, already suggesting the file name world-domination.sublime-project.

Then, for all the other users, there could be a configuration option in ST3 to still use the current behavior, not providing a default storage folder for project and workspace files.

I installed the sesame plugin, but when I chose the save project command, it did not show the project folder I configured, but the current folder of the file open in ST3. But I might have done it wrong, because I already had my project open, so that might have been the reason why the save project dialog opened in the current project’s folder rather than in the configured one.

I definitely see the use for this plugin, but still strongly believe that it would be a time saver for most users if this default project folder behaviour I just described would be built in to ST3 right away - without the need for a plugin.

Cheers, Roman.

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