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Improved interface for staging large changesets (build 2071)


This is mentioned in the change log for Sublime Merge 2071, amongst other things:

Improved interface for staging/unstaging large changesets

The change sounds exciting, as it hints at my main (and only) gripe with Sublime Merge: the ability to easily select multiple files for staging/unstaging like, for example, on Git Tower: shift-select, control-select, etc.

However… I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation or on this forum that describes the “improved interface”. Any pointers please?




Thanks for reaching out!

This change applies to the interface shown when 1000+ modified/stages files are present. Previously, a “Too many files to display” label was shown, along with a button to view individual files.

We have upgraded this interface to now allow staging/unstaging/discarding the file sections in bulk.

Hope this clarifies these changes!

- Dylan

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