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Improve Tab Behavior



I am not sure where to put this request. So please advise me here.

Imagine a Sublime Text editor with multiple files open in the 2-column layout.

I am working on File A in column left. Now I want to compare it with File B, which is in column left too.
Thus, I drag File B to the right column. What happens now, is that in the left column Sublime Text shows the file which was next to File B. I have to select the File A tab again to read it.

This really bugs me, especially when I have multiple files open because I have to search for File A again.
I know I can go with the ctrl + P search, but sometimes a simple drag and drop is quicker.

Wouldn’t it be nice, Sublime Text would remember the last File selected before the drag’n’drop?

Let me know what you think.



Maybe try Origami?

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Didn’t know that. Thank you I will check it out.

edit: Origami is a nice Plugin but it does not solve my problem.