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Improve Sublime Merge Integration on Virtual Desktops


I am frequently using Sublime Text and Sublime Merge on an LXDE desktop with multiple virtual desktops. I use the status bar icon in ST to quickly open SM for the focused file.
Since SM introduced tabs for repositories (good feature though) my workflow is interrupted if there is already an open SM window on another virtual desktop. Clicking in the status bar of ST will open a new tab in the existing SM instance which is on another desktop. It is very cumbersome to find the respective SM instance (I have 8 virtual desktops, sometimes with SM open on almost all of them) and move the tab to the virtual desktop I am working on.

Proposed Solution
It would help to enhance the SM integration in ST by a way to force a new SM window when the status bar. The new window would open on the active virtual desktop. For example, if the shift key is pressed while clicking the status bar icon (or one of the other ways to open SM), a new window is enforced.