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Impossible to cherry pick several commits which are merges


Hello everyone,

Without the "-m " option I get:
error: commit cb5… is a merge but no -m option was given.

When I pass the additional option “-m 1”, the interface is blocked, impossible to launch the command via enter key.



Hi @vlady,

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Sublime Merge should detect merge commits and automatically pass in the -m 1 flag. I’ll investigate why this isn’t the case for you.

Could you confirm:

  • What platform you’re using
  • What version of Sublime Merge you’re using
  • how many parents the commit has? e.g. a standard merge commit with two parents, or more than two parents.
  • Whether the repository is a public or private repository
  • Whether you’re triggering the cherry pick from the commit context menu, or from another menu
  • How you are passing the -m 1 argument to cherry pick? (e.g. via a custom command)

Kind regards,
- Dylan from Sublime HQ


  • macOS Ventura 13.6 (mac book pro M1)
  • Sublime Merge (registered) Stable Channel, Build 2091
  • 15 merge commits (2 parent) + 1 simple commit (1 parent) were selected
  • Local repository cloned from a GitLab (on-premises) remote repo (restricted access: devs and admin)
  • Commits were manually selected from “Commits” tree (Command-2), cherry pick was triggered by the “Commits” tree context menu “Cherry Pick Selected Commits”
  • You can see below the “-m 1” option and “locked” cherry pick command
  • Windows version of Sublime Merge (same channel and build) exhibits the same behavior
  • In general, just select 2 or more “merge commits” (with 2 parents) to block the cherry pick
  • Another point, after the fail, no buttons to cancel the cherry pick (–abort or --quit option), you have to use the terminal to pass “git cherry-pick --quit”.
  • It would be nice to have a Repostory -> “Open In Terminal” menu (next to “Reveal In Finder”)
  • I copied/pasted the failed command (from log) into terminal with an addition of “-m 1” at the end. It worked (with inclusion of commit with 1 parent)