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Importing to a host


Hi my son has developed an art website for me in sublime.However when we imported the site to a host none of the images are visible. Everything else seems fine. All the images are fine in sublime but not with the imported site .Any advice would be much appreciated.



Although this is clearly not a ST related issue, I’ll try to help you anyway.
There could be a couple of reason behind broken/missing images, usually are path related or naming related.
Naming related issues arise when you work locally on a non-case-sensitive environment (Windows usually), and your server is case-sensitive, so the name of your images doesn’t match: test.jpg IS NOT the same as Test.jpg in a case-sensitive env.
Path related issues arise when the path of your images in local/development environment doesn’t match the web server path structure. Images can be linked with both relative (something like src=“test.jpg”, src="…/test.jpg" etc) or absolute paths (like src=“”).
Relative paths are usually better due the fact they pretty much don’t change from env to env if you maintain the same folder structure.
I’d suggest you to look for paths as this is usually the main reason.



Thank you so much for your help.