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Import in custom syntax default ones


hi, i’m working on the syntax:

but from the last update of st3 it popup an error:
Apparent recursion within a with_prototype action: 25000 context sanity limit hit

i see that disabling html default syntax make it works again.

there is a way to import and extend default syntax without creating this recursion error?
Some suggestions on what i can edit to make it works?



ST’s Java and Java Server Pages syntax has been rewritten. The PR has been merged recently and should hopefully ship with one of the next releases.

It should make any effort fix an old tmLanguage based package obsolete.

With a bird’s eye on the linked repo JSTL support might not yet be perfect, but we could probably add some language features to core Java package in the near future.

Note: Some ${...} stuff may need some tweaks.

Some hints about remaining issues or missing syntax features would probably be helpful. They might be filed at

Some EL related issues are resolved by