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Implement AI based feature that proposes how to group changes into commits


Hi all!
As a intensive user of code generating tools like Copilot or Codeium I often think about how great would be to use AI capabilities to group changes into a series of proposed commits and contents.

If I’m not wrong there are some git clients that at this moment are suggesting a commit “text” based in the contents of the current changes. JetBraing IntelliJ does that ([](http://Get AI assistance for VCS commits)).

That is great but what I consider disruptive idea would be to not only suggest a commit message but suggest a sequence of commits each one with its own message and contents. Content of each commit would be selected based in code proximity and coherence that is something that generative AI with LLM models can do.

I really struggle with my team trying to get quality commits some help would be really nice!

Thanks for your great product!




Looking into similar ideas … this feature should be optional of course. No one needs to feel forced to use AI or share its code.