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I'd like a way to use ctrl+d without overwriting my find pattern


I frequently use ctrl+d to select multiple copies of a string, and I also frequently write regex search strings that I want to reuse several times. Unfortunately, even with find_selected_text set to false, ctrl+d causes the selected text to be copied into the search box, overwriting my regex.

I assume this is unintended behavior—I certainly consider it unwanted—since it’s not respecting the intuitive behavior one would expect from setting find_selected_text=false. If this is indeed a bug, I’d like to request that it be fixed. Even if it’s the intended behavior, could we get an additional setting to change it so that the search string is never overridden by ctrl+d?

Thank you for your help.



find_selected_text has nothing to do with ctrl+d, as per the documentation it controls whether the find pattern is set to the currently selected text when the find panel is opened (ie. when ctrl+f is pressed). ctrl+d always sets the find pattern as that’s how it finds the next match; it similarly respects the settings you have in the find panel.



I take it it’s not a bug, then. I’d still like to request a way to avoid replacing the find pattern (or at least make the replacement invisible to the user by reverting it after finding the next match) so that ctrl+d doesn’t interfere with ctrl+f.