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I updated Sublime and lost my codes!


So I just accepted the update, and suddenly my codes are all gone, the shortcut to their folder doesnt work anymore. The folder itself is gone… I dont know what to do? Why would the update delete them? I’ve been working on one code for months… And now its gone… There has to be a way to get it back right?



Actually I found it, the old sublime folder was put in the recycling bin, and the old file containing my codes was in there.
Thank goodness I didn’t empty that thing like usual…



I would recommend not storing things in the application folder. That folder is managed by the installer/updater.

If you have Sublime Text plugins/settings then they should go in the Packages/User/ folder. If you are working on other source code, save it somewhere like a git repo or your documents folder.



Will do after this scare!
By chance is there a reason to have it anywhere specific aside from not in the application folder? Like is there a reason to not just put it on the desktop for simplicity sake?



Every operating system has a designated directory where you can put your stuff. “My Documents” or “home” or whatever. Put it somewhere you can find later. The desktop is fine, but you don’t just dump all your belongings on your desk in real life either right?


  • Code simplicity
    No need to check for files
  • Making sure it works
    If you just dump everything from the installer you know it works, if you selectively work out stuff you are not sure if you left anything incompatible
  • You can break the software
    If you save stuff where the software files are you may wrongly overwrite or delete a needed file


Sorry to necro this, I had the same issue, things were not saved I guess, so the temporary files were sent to the recycle bin. Actual file location was in a user folder (like my docs) - please consider informing the user they have unsaved work before installing the update - as of Dec 2022 this is not the case. Correct files found in recycle bin.



Sublime Text does not send anything to the recycling bin, unless you’re deleting files from the side bar. Certainly unsaved files do not have any way of ending up in the recycling bin.