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I think these two issues are related- sublime-keymap issue, and a Linter issue


All, this is my very first time posting. I am brand new (1 day) at using Sublime Text. I have downloaded to help my process of learning Python. I had to reinstall Sublime Text and when I did I get these two errors on start up. The reason for the uninstall / reinstall was because I could not figure out why I wasnt getting a user choice on my Linter settings. see image below. So on trying to fix this, I decided to uninstall everything and reinstall thinking I missed a step. I did download and install Flake8 due to a recommended by a friend who uses Sublime. I will have to do two posts because it will not let me post more than one image. :confused:



Your post says you saw error messages, but it doesn’t say what they are, so unfortunately I can’t help with that at all.

It looks like possibly you’re concerned because you’ve read somewhere that you should see Settings - User and Settings - Default in the menu, but now it only says Settings.

Older versions of Sublime presented settings as Settings - User and Settings - Default in the menu, where each item would open a different settings file (either the default or your custom settings) one at a time.

A ways back it was changed so that there is only a single Settings menu item that opens both files at the same time. The command opens a new window that’s split in half, with the Default settings on the left and the User settings on the right, so that you can easily copy from the defaults or see possible settings.

Sublime itself and newer packages will provide the settings as a single item while some packages still use the two menu entry method.

If that’s one of the issues you’re seeing, then just pick the single Settings item as presented in the menu and continue on through the tutorial or what have you, and refer to the left hand side when it talks about defaults and the right hand side when it talks about your user settings.



AWESOME, thanks for shedding some light on the lack of the user choice. Thanks for the speedy reply. Here are the two errors. I’ve obviously messed up the setttings somehow.

Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.