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I need remote - ssh liked feature

  1. Not far ago, I take sublime as my core editor, and take out suggestions for visual code, like the small install package size, and the speed, the memory takes also little. but after visual code take out new feature of — Remote ssh, which can let me edit the remote file in local way, which makes me “WOW”,
    then, I do the search try to find same things in sublime, unfor…ly no one can compare to that, so I want one. which really great.
  2. the other is the great c/C++ plugin which provided by the microsoft, which can let me jump more friendly than ctags which in sublime,

I do like sublime, I do not like microsoft.



why no people cares my idea or suggestion. feels bad.



Personally don’t think it will be done by ST. At least, there is no daemon mode for ST, which should be run on the target server while your local ST becomes simply a GUI reflecting what’s happening on the server.

If this is done, ST daemon can be used in shellscript as a text file manipulator? :crazy_face:

It’s already there for whatever language theoretically.
The concept is proposed by MS though.

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Have you tried the rsub package for remote file editing? I use it regularly and it works well.



The extension OP is talking about is a huge part of my workflow:

I honestly think this should be implemented by the ST people to ensure a good user experience. The feature even made it recently to PHPStorm:

I like this feature request and I look forward to see where this take us :slight_smile:

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ssh -Y -C remote-host

sublime text launches on remote host but presents its windows on the local machine. This assumes you are running an X based local system. Wont work with windows to the best of my knowledge which is limited :slight_smile:

if the remote host is arm based such as when I do this to my raspberry pi 4 i highly recommend that you OC the remote host first :slight_smile:



Window forwarding is an interesting workaround but I’d love something more solid and supported across systems.

A server side ST binary that the client side can connect to would be great. Though I have to say some operations such as jumping to different files is still quite slow in VS Code



To me the remote editing of VSCode is THE killer feature that makes a lot of people switch to VSC. I worked for years with ST, and I really enjoy it. But forces drive me in the remote editing setup and unfortunately it means I am now spending time on VSCode. I cant say I like the experience, but I see no other way …

I reallu hope the ST team considers a server/client model.



I’m pretty happy with SFTP for Sublime Text.