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I need help to create another search bar



I need to create another search bar, which is permanently visible. In this new bar, just store the regex lookups.
Then in the current search bar, use it alone, for text and other things.

Another thing, whenever a selection is made, the selection length is displayed in the number of characters.

Currently activating regex searches does not show the length of the selection, and I have to be turning regex on / off all the time, to get the length of the selection.

I have developed some plugins for sublime, but now I have little time to investigate if it is possible to create another bar similar to the existing one using the Sublime API.

They have an idea, if this is possible, through plugins.




It’s not possible to add extra UI elements via the API. The closest you can get is to control what appears in a regular text view and update that; it could also be somewhat augmented with minihtml via Phantoms.

Such a view would be either a normal tab or a toggleable panel at the bottom of the window, but would very much feel like a text view and not like a native panel.



Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, that is not possible.

It is very annoying, having to have the regular expressions, in a file, so as not to lose them, due to later searches.

I insist, I need a new slash for regular expressions.

Is there a way to contact the developers is Sublime directly?

Thank you.



They read the forum, but if you have a request for a feature (or a bug to report) there’s an issue tracker for that:



Thanks again, OdatNurd.