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I had no idea Sublime was this popular


I knew that Sublime Text was a popular editor, but I had no idea it was this popular:

25% of developers on Stackoverflow (or at least responding to the developer survey) use Sublime.

I wonder how many have paid for it? In any case, that’s a wildly successful number in my book.



Wow - 25% is huge - I’m even more surprised by the number of people that use Notepad++.



I guess it won’t be that hard for Sublime to take about 30% of the Notepad++ share and become a clear market leader…

The only limitation could the price, but let’s be realistic, this is good software, (at least) I use it everyday, no problem paying the price!



The survey shows that “old” editors still have their niche:

Emacs makes a great REPL editor, I consider it to be the best available “plain” text editor for Lisp (SLIME mode) and Python (Ropemacs). Vim is still popular even for new developers because all the cool kids seem to use it.

Probably Sublime Text should find its niche too?



I had no idea China was so gone on Sublime Text.
But sad that EU or USA hasn’t taken it up as much.