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I am new to sublime text. Can I get some suggestions?


So I am fresh new to coding and wanted to work on a project I was planning on. I am already looking at a few tutorials but just need help from the forum :slight_smile: Suggest me stuff that I should do before getting started.



I recommend installing package dev and package resource viewer for a start.

I started off with this video (it’s not the best but it does give you a good over sight.It’s also quite out of date but most of the stuff still works. They cover a lot of ground, it served me well !)

I found my self getting the colours and themes looking good (hey I’m very visually orientated and having the colour look right was important, others no doubt will think this madness…), then I tackled keybindings, projects and builds…

For more in depth stuff

You can listen to his stuff at double speed if your pushed for time

@OdatNurd appears a lot on this forum, and he’s been really helpful, along with others !

Depending on your time zone it can take a little while for you to get a response here, and very occasionally questions don’t get answered… Don’t know if any of that’s any help…

I’m sure wiser folks will add to my ramblings…

Good luck

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