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I added sublime_merge_path to settings, but it keeps asking to download it


I use Sublime Text build 3181 - Windows 10
And Sublime Merge portable 1092.

I added the path with the following format, and restarted Sublime Text:

"sublime_merge_path": "D:\\sublime_merge\\sublime_merge.exe",

Sublime Text console shows no errors for anything. You guys could at least log why it is not recognizing the sublime_merge_path setting.



There is a bug currently, where sublime looks for the window settings instead of the global one.
You can fix it by typing window.settings().set("sublime_merge_path","C:\\Apps\\sublime_merge\\sublime_merge.exe") in the console.

Apparently it could also work to have smerge in your PATH, but I have not tested ths solution



I checked the “sublime_merge_path” in my config and the error is legit. Mine was actually pointing to the wrong path. I think this bug has been fixed.