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Huge screen flickering and window rendering bugs


yesterday everything was fine.

today i opened sublime and noticed a huge flickering

here is a video to explain better:

note: sublime wasnt updated, its was build 4121 or something like this (sublime text 4)

i’ve been running sublime 4 for 2 months without any problems

note: i’ve had this in user settings for 2 months (no problems)

hardware_acceleration: "opengl"

yesterday i made an update on manjaro with sudo pacman -Syyu. i saw that nvidia drivers were updated and many things. i guess opengl was updated too. the package is called mesa, my current is 21.3.2-1

when i set hardware acc to “none”:

hardware_acceleration: "none"

the flickering is gone.

another note: every other window on my linux doesnt have a problem like this.

does anyone from here has a similar experience ?




Much the same solution as yours.



wait. your solution was to disable hardware acc ? thats it?
but i want hardware acc :frowning: , sublime seems faster (or its just my impression).

i know that seems like a solution. but its a temporary solution.




Nov 2021

Are you using hardware acceleration? Note the menu bar is drawn by GTK not us and GTK3 has known issues with hardware acceleration.

As bschaaf says, this rendering issue under hardware acceleration lies with the GTK3 widget tool kit.

Yes, if GTK3 were fixed then we could apply hardware acceleration and it would be faster. But until it is fixed, we must sacrifice speed for clarity and better user experience (no flicker).



i’ve come to the conclusion that its as linux related problem.
there is a bug in the mesa package on arch linux, which is opengl library.

i was using hardware acc with opengl for a long time with sublime text and there was no problem. everything was fine.

until i got an update on mesa package.

now w’ll wait to get fixed. thanks for help.



Updates on Mesa come through almost every week for people who use Mesa with AMD GPUs. I think that if it was a strictly Mesa issue - rather than an issue with a library like opengl - then we’d have seen it resolved by now.

What display server protocol do you use on Arch Linux - X or Wayland ?



I see this on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave with sublime 3.
Quitting Sublime and reopening is my fix.



I have been seeing the same problem on and off for maybe a month. build 4126 on OSX 12.1 Monterey. today my window was flashing red on and off rather than just flickering and jumping back and forth between my current edits and previous file states. I’m pretty certain this was happening before I upgraded to Monterey too about 2 weeks ago.

Quitting and reopening makes it go away for a time, maybe a week, maybe days.



X11 with nvidia gtx 1050



quitting and reopening doesnt work because for me, at least, immediatelly after restart the flickering comes back.



My own GPU is AMD and apart from initially getting my Ubuntu Linux to recognize my GPU and use it in preference to the integrated graphics card, it has worked out fine until lately when the flickering started and I no longer use hardware acceleration.

I’d advise you to trawl the nVidia support sites.
Failing that all you can do is to return to the proprietary driver for stability.



one solution might be to get rid of the nvidia drivers and install nouveau, maybe mesa behaves better there?

< edit decided to try myself >

i just set my hardware accel to opengl and restarted ST4 and I get no flickering so far, im in gentoo linux with nouveau drivers.

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