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How to use Transpose (Ctrl+T)?


I haven’t seen any official documentation on this, and I haven’t seen any practical use for Edit -> Text -> Transpose (Ctrl+T).
The only thing I noticed is that this command passes the character to the left of the cursor to the right and vice versa.
Anything else?



from the docstring of the transpose command:

    - empty selection, cursor within a word: transpose characters
    - empty selection, cursor at the end of a word: transpose words
    - multiple selections, all empty: as above

    - multiple selections, at least one non-empty: rotate contents of selections
    (i.e., each selection takes on the contents of the selection before it)

    - single non-empty selection: do nothing

i.e. useful for swapping argument order when calling a function, or rotating text between selections

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It’s really useful for arguments.
However, it seems this option is not working: