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How to use ST in Linux-like OS


I am incredibly impressed and happy with ST in Windows. I tried to install it in my ISP account which runs BSD something-something, but don’t know how to proceed. ST docs say something about a sudo command. When I ran that, the error message said I’d be reported. Yikes! Can you tell me the CLI command to fire up ST3 in a Linux-like environment? – David



Please see:



Thanks. I tried using that page. That’s where I ran into sudo. Am I correct to run tar -xvf on the ST3 install package? I do not have superuser access to my ISP account. – David



See the following for manual instructions. If you don’t have root access, you can’t make a symlink anywhere in /usr, so you’re going to need to make your own (I use ~/local/bin for that personally) and then add that folder to your PATH.

Note also that if this is on your ISP (i.e. a remote system), you’re likely not able to run a GUI application there that displays on your local computer for you to be able to do anything. You’re better off installing Sublime locally and using something like SFTP to access files remotely.