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How to: spell check an entire folder?


Hello friends,

I have an entire folder of github markdown files .md files that require spell check.

Is there any easy way to do this? I want to click: “next, next, next” and accept/reject the spelling mistakes as they come.

Any advice on how to do this efficiently would be greatly appreciated.




  • There is no built-in for this workflow for sure, especially for not-opened files.
  • There is no plugin API related to spelling check.

:man_shrugging: unless someone make a plugin which calls external executables

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@jfcherng Thanks for the reply.

This would definitely be an interesting challenge. (I wonder if there are other ways to solve it, both within and outside Sublime? but that’s another question for another day.)



I think one could tackle this by:

  • optional: opening all the Markdown files (either using a plugin or just subl *.md / find ... etc.
  • having "spell_check": true set in your syntax specific preferences for Markdown
  • having a small plugin which will move to the next spelling mistake (next_misspelling command) or, if the selection doesn’t move because there are no more misspellings in the current document, it would open the next document (alphanumerical filename order etc.) and execute the command again there. (And optionally, automatically close the document afterwards if it had no misspellings? Or, open the file in a hidden output panel to check for misspellings, and only open it in a tab if it has one…)


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