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How to set $PATH on OS X so Sublime can see it?


Specifically on mavericks (10.9). how to set $PATH on OS X so Sublime can use it? I am trying to use a sublime package that expects a command mdtool to be on my path. Apple seems to have yet again changed the mechanism by which GUI apps get the PATH from the OS. :imp: I’ve tried a variety of things including /etc/path.d . My path is fine from the bash shell, but that makes no difference for gui apps. I am launching Sublime with quicksilver, which afaik is the same as launching by the Finder.



A colleague ran into the same problem some days ago, he told me he discovered this package that fix the issue:

hope it helps :wink:



Another possibility is to start the editor with the subl command in a terminal. Ths picks ob the path of the shell you start it in. (At least it does for me, OS X 10.8.)
See for how to install and use the subl command.
Good luck!



thanks for the tips both of you!



Some helpful commands:

launchctl getenv PATH
launchctl setenv PATH …

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