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How to open Sublime Settings?



I am having problems opening Sublime’s Settings, when I click on Preferences>Settings a new window opens with some code in it and I’m not sure why it is doing that.

I appreciate any help.




That command opens a window with a split in it; the file on the left is read only and shows you all of the settings and what their defaults are (except for a couple which have different defaults on MacOS, which are very clearly marked as such).

The pane on the right is where you edit your settings; copy just the settings you want to modify from the left and place them into the file on the right, and then modify the value. Keep the format of the file on the right the same as the example on the left, or you will get an error message when you save (if that happens, the message tells you exactly what line and column the problem is at; look there and see how it is different from the file on the left and modify as needed).