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How to make sublime text highlight errors


I see that it can jump to the errors after a build (F4), but how do I make it highlight the line as well?

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Usually, F4 also selects the relevant part in the output panel which shows where the error “took place”. By selecting I mean that it shows in the same color as a selection in the edit view.



Doesn’t seem to happen to mine. See here. Does there need to be something specific in the theme for it to appear?



So, you want the error to highlight the whole line in the edit view where the error occures? Not possible to my knowledge because the error search results may contain a line and a column number. Thus, it would place the cursor in the desired line and column. However, I guess it makes sense to select the whole line when no column is specified. This would be a feature request, then.



See this feature request:

But at 10 votes it is very unlikely to get implemented.



Not that this is exactly what you’re asking for, but you might want to enable line highlighting to get close to where you want. Add the following to user or filetype prefs:

"highlight_line": false,

You could make a keyboard shortcut to toggle this via a very simple plugin.