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How to install a package offline


I am trying to install a package offline and im having some issues.
When i copy the package file into the appdata location it loads in sublime text 3 but when i click on the package within the pallet it opens once fine but then disappears from the pallet.

I was wondering if there is a way to install packages offline as the network is locked down.




Package Control relies on https access to package sources only.

But if you already managed to copy a package to the Installed Package folder you might also be able to prevent Package Control from deleting it by adding its name to the "installed_packages": [] list in the User/Package Control.sublime-settings?

Not that convenient like a dedicated command, but works.



After abit of playing around i managed to get it working in the end but thank you very much.



Package Control doesn’t mess with packages that it didn’t install itself, because a package-metadata.json file is only added for those.



But it does, if you just copy an existing sublime-package which was installed via Package Control from an online to an offline machine (without removing that metadata).

I guess this is what @Stevot1995 tried.



Well, the wording

When i copy the package file into the appdata location

does leave things a little unclear. Of course, if you copy a package installed by PC elsewhere, it’s inhibit the same behavior.

For anyone reading this, this is done to allow easy syncing of an installed packages list and allows PC to uninstall packages you removed elsewhere.

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